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I am inspired by and attracted to the cool, clean water of the Murray River. The sight and sound of the water lapping and flowing is very soothing on a hot day. 

I paint to convey the feeling of tranquility, peace and equilibrium I see in the Albury area. My paintings of the Riverine environs also pay homage to the river as I appreciate why it plays such a huge role in supporting the production of food and fibre crops which sustain life in the local region and beyond.

Reflections, shadows and the movement of the flowing river present an ongoing challenge to paint. Likewise the still waters of the lagoons and wetlands present a similar but welcome challenge as they are consistently teeming with bird life. 

Reflections, refractions and shadows create a confusing image on the surface of the water. The blue echo of the water reflecting the sky, the green tones of the water reflecting the foliage and the brown hues surfacing from the sediment in the water all combine to play with the changing light.


The shadows (representing) shapes cutting across the surface of the water with varying intensity and degrees of focus combine with the wind causing ripples on the surface. This breaks up the reflected detail and the black areas in the water, often originating from the tannin in the bark and leaves of the majestic river red gums, constantly changing optical perceptions.

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